Author: geeksmalta

From L4W Meaning to AI Implementation in Retail Marketing

Location for Work (L4W)- What is it? In the dynamic field of retail marketing, artificial intelligence has ignited a remarkable transformation. But before we delve into AI’s compelling influence, it’s vital we understand a pivotal strategy that’s been altering the game—location-based marketing. Location-based marketing employs a simple yet effective concept—it targets individuals based on their […]

Generative AI in Retail: Transforming Shopping with Intelligent Automation

Introduction Generative AI, a pioneering field of artificial intelligence, is making significant strides across various industries, including retail marketing. Essentially, Generative AI refers to AI systems capable of creating new content—ranging from text and images to music—with the assistance of existing data. These systems employ machine learning algorithms that generate fresh content based on patterns […]

Retail Acronyms and AI: Unveiling Insights and Transformations

Every industry comes with its own jargon, a secret language that entry-level newcomers might find overwhelming. In retail, acronyms like Conversion Rate (CR), Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS), and Like-for-Like (LFL) sales are just drops in an ocean of terms one must master to keep up with the industry’s pace. These terms, often frightening for […]