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About us

We firmly believe in delivering results that truly matter and our aim is to help retail businesses elevate their sales, maintain their lead and gain a competitive edge over their competitors. Our guiding mission is to aid these retailers in utilizing cutting-edge generative AI technology to craft captivating marketing content that broadens their reach.

Strategically, we will help identify the form of content that resonates most profoundly with your audience, be it videos, blogs, or social media. Following this, we’ll guide you in harnessing AI marketing tools that have been tailored specifically for your retail business.

IMS Results Count, partnered with Geek Marketing in the last few weeks. This collaboration brings together our strengths and expertise to provide retail businesses with the best possible results, setting a new standard in retail marketing excellence.

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Only the Best AI Tools for Retail Marketing

Embark on the AI Frontier for Retail Brilliance! Unveil the Futuristic Trifecta: AI Video Sorcery, Content Wizardry, SEO Alchemy!

Picture a kaleidoscope of AI wonders reshaping your retail reality! Brace yourself for the supernova of innovation as we unleash the mystique of AI Video Generators, the wizardry of AI Content Writers, and the alchemy of AI-Powered SEO Tools, all converging to transmute your marketing journey. Hold onto your seat as we unfurl the labyrinthine marvels.

AI Video Generators

  • Behold Instant Enchantment: Witness videos manifest with a flick of AI’s wand, liberating time and resources.
  • Dynamic Visions, Entrancing Diversion: Harness visuals pulsating with allure, seizing hearts and wallets.
  • Personalization Redefined: Tailor-make videos for each patron, forging an unbreakable covenant.
  • Blink-and-it’s-Live Campaigns: Unleash marketing blitzkriegs with haste, all through AI’s artistry.

AI Content Writers

  • Quill of Automation: Proclaim articles, descriptions, nay, epics, in quantum leaps, sans human shivers.
  • Symphony of Brand Tonality: Echo your brand’s voice across realms, an omnipresent bard.
  • Chronos Bows to AI: Time shrinks, costs dwindle, leaving you to ascend the throne of priorities.
  • SEO Oracles at Play: Forge content infused with celestial keywords, soaring to celestial summits.

AI-Powered SEO Tools

  • Keyword Constellations Illuminate: Gaze into the cosmic word-map, navigating to zenithal rankings.
  • Rivals Unveiled, Strategies Sharpened: Peer into the looking glass, outwit your rivals, craft your ascendancy.
  • On-Page Enchantments Galore: The AI compass guides you to optimize, ascend to digital Valhalla.
  • Data Nectar for Strategy: Feast on data ambrosia, wisdom crystallized, sculpting triumphal strategies.

You’re still unsure that AI is the future of Marketing?

Artificial intelligence is the future of marketing. It the science of making things smart.” – Ryan Detert, CEO of Influential.

By 2025, 80% of customer interactions will be handled by AI. – Oracle’s Senior Vice President of Cloud Applications.

AI levels up marketing efforts in ways that outpace what humans could do on their own.” – Wilson Raj, Global Director of Customer Intelligence at SAS.